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  2. I haven't been here in three years. It has taken me this long to get my login info correct. What a blast.
  3. Last week
  4. I also preordered with no communication about shipping or anything since the initial pre-order. Pretty bummed. I sent them an email with no response yet.
  5. Very different lyrically/thematically. Also very poppy but Lights is pop so that is to be expected. I get a more radio banger feeling from it - I'm hoping there will be a good range of sounds in the full album
  6. Earlier
  7. it's pretty good better then giants in my opinion hopefully the rest of the album will have songs that arent too similar sounding
  8. I like this more
  9. I miss the quirky synth riffage. It's yet another generic pop song about getting laid. Sad face.
  10. What does everyone think of Skydiving? I've only listened to it a couple times but I think it's all right. I have to listen more, but it's definitely a different sound than her previous albums/songs. Update: I prefer this song to Giants, but I'm not 100% satisfied with it. I hope there are songs on the album that I fall in love with... songs I love as much as Ice, Timing is Everything, Toes, Muscle Memory and Running with the Boys.
  11. Hey guys! Long time no talk! I just wanted to check with you guys. Did anyone else pre order back in April through the website here that routed you to dynamic forces? I'm curious as to who got their pre order. I'm still waiting for mine(grrrrrr upsetting) with no shipping information or anything. If I would have known I wouldn't have had it shipped ASAP, I wouldn't have pre ordered and just picked it up at my local shop.
  12. How do you all feel about the snippet of "Skydiving"? At first it sounded a little too... "pop" sounding for me? Like it wasn't a Lights type of song? I hate thinking I might not like it but I guess we'll see tomorrow. I really want to hear the full version of that introduction! (The one from the first teaser video of the comic. I guess it transitions into Skydiving).
  13. My Dynamite Digital issue of Skin & Earth failed to manifest after the PayPal transaction, but eager to consume new material from Lights regardless of the medium, I instead went on a small scavenger hunt to find the first piece of her new frontier in the flesh. Retailing at only five dollars Canadian, I didn't feel too bothered by the relatively light package compared to other comics on the shelves, but clocking in at just over eight minutes - much shorter than the time it took to track a copy down in a city of 1.6 million people - it became apparent that some of my worst fears and hypothesis about this new era of Lights had come true. For those who have seen "This is Spinal Tap", I can confirm Skin & Earth is Valerie's Stonehenge moment. Those of us who still remain on the Lights fan forum, eagerly anticipating her next tour dates, as well as the 1.1 million who list themselves as fans of her music on Facebook, are in for a very strange ride over the next couple of months, if not years. Skin & Earth, at least Issue 1, gives off the vibes of a concept project fueled primarily by drugs and hyper-ambition; extreme creativity, with little tangible substance. Don't get me wrong, Lights is absurdly talented to have challenged herself to create a comic series that serves as a companion to her upcoming fall album, and it's insane I can actually hold this in my hand knowing one of my favorite artists delivered on a stupidly ambitious personal goal of hers. She didn't have to make a comic; people just wanted another decent album. But she wanted a comic on top of an album, so she went out and made a comic, all by herself. Expect her to win some awards for this. But in shooting for the moon, Lights did not fall among the stars. Skin & Earth just isn't very good, and we're getting five more of these, along with an entire album to coincide with the comics. And I mean, that's great, but it's a combination that only works if the comic is enjoyable and engaging. It's not. The main character - named "Enaia Jin", but obviously Lights herself - lives in some post-apocalyptic city. She's from the slums, an area sectioned off by a wall, but is allowed to go to university in the upper class portion because she spent her inheritance from her mother's passing on a college tuition. The entire first issue is her walking home from school and being cursed at by random people passing her on the street, and then being sad that the guy she was banging over the summer - Beau Bokan with brown skin, because diversity - stopped returning her calls even though he gave her a tattoo as a goodbye present that's suspiciously close to the Little Machines insignia. So I hope you don't have any attachment to this logo because now it means something else. If you've only read the free preview that was uploaded a while back, you're missing nothing. She has a flashback to screwing Brown Beau in the forest and then the comic ends. Then there's an ad saying stay tuned for Issue 2, a couple pages of her drawing a few panels, and then more ads for other Dynamite comics. So uh... Yeah... I don't know how this is going to work.
  14. Who else can't wait for a Canadian tour?? So jealous of the US tour - Pvris is an incredible band. Who would be your dream opener/pairing for Lights on a tour?
  15. I feel like the transitions from verse to chorus could have been smoother. Other than that though, such a fun and inspiring song. Music video is FIRE I also really like the two tempos, especially the subtle switch after the first chorus to the second chorus, and of course the nostalgia it gives to Lions
  16. I was afraid I wasn't going to like it from the snippets, but once the full song was released, a couple listens through and it's grown on me. A mix of Little Machines and Siberia would be cool. I'm thinking she's not going to want to do anything she's already done in the past (given the evolution of each sound for each album) so I just hope I like the rest of it, as well, aha. Kind of cool how it's titled "Giants" following (not directly, just being made later on) "Lions!", though.
  17. lmao i like the song, the chorus isnt as catchy but that's okay the video is okay also, just typical lights stuff hopefully the full album will be lit a mix between siberia and little machines
  18. My thought's through my first listen of the song.."Well I'm sure the acoustic version will be much better.."
  19. ready for this place to be active again...
  20. the evil within
  21. taeyeons album
  22. ayy its been awhile new music hype!
  23. I don't like it. But i'd be more upset if she kept doing the same thing. Glad shes trying new things and experimenting. I don't have to like everything she puts out and that is the case with this tune.
  24. I really like it!
  25. Not digging it. No synth riffage, chorus is a bit corny. Very generic sounding, almost like a Katy Perry song.
  26. Finally some of the old Lights. Little Machines was very hit or miss for me. Some songs were great, some were so commercial I wasn't even sure she wrote them. But Giants is a little gritty, really musically intelligent, and catchy. I'm wondering if in the back if her head this song has been sitting for awhile because of Lions and the same themes. Idk about that. But this is perfect. The two tempos are great. The faster one catches you at first and when the second one hits its so triumphant and important. Love love love love.
  27. I've been to two shows so far, one on Halloween at the Stone Pony two years ago and another last year in Philly. Hoping to make her Philly show this year, too, when she's with PVRIS.
  28. So... What does everyone think of her new single?
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